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Founded in 1912, the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA), headquartered in Bethesda, MD, is the leading resource for foot and ankle health information. Currently, the organization represents a vast majority of the estimated 15,000 podiatrists in the country. In addition to the national headquarters, APMA boasts 53 component societies (principally state organizations), as well as 14 affiliated specialty societies.

APMA's staff, comprised of approximately 60 professionals, is dedicated to promoting foot and ankle health, member service, and professional excellence. Looking toward the future, APMA will continue to advance the growth and stability of podiatric medicine by increasing nationwide awareness of foot and ankle health through public education and legislative advocacy.

Membership in APMA is available to all licensed Doctors of Podiatric Medicine. APMA provides each individual member the support of professional peers. In addition, members receive significant benefits through discounts and services, advocacy, public education, and member communications. 

National membership is provided to all DPMs in postgraduate programs at no charge (dual membership with the state component is required). Visit APMA's website for more information on member benefits. Join today!

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